The Leopard Lounge is Back
Leopard Lounge
Our 7th year on the playa and a very popular daytime destination enjoyed by all who find us. Each year, we do nothing more than create a fun jungle-vibe space where you can get your feet (and body should you desire) rubbed, and share a shot of tequila with us. The Leopard Lounge runs on the kindness of strangers, so we also welcome you to join our staff and participate in the gifting of a footrub or massage, just be sure to do so with respect to personal boundaries. If you have other gifts to share: food, musical talent, energy work, manicure/pedicure, hair braiding, readings, etc., the Leopard Lounge is a great place to park yourself and offer your services. No scheduling or expectations, just gratitude for however long you want to contribute. The vibe is all things Jungle, Safari, Animal, so dress the part if you can!
Get your feet massaged!
Once Upon a Time - The History of VW Bus Camp
Well, it all started innocently enough in 1998. I had heard about Burning Man, on a flyer actually, someone had made this crude drawing of the "the man" and I was just drawn to it. I checked out the BM website and decided that this theme camp thing was the way to go. I searched the list of theme camps looking to find that place where I would fit. I found lots of cool camps, but nothing seemed quite right. Almost by accident, I mentioned my plans to go to Burning Man to my friend Ron "Coyote", yes, that "Coyote", and since we were both bus owners, he said "why not a VW Bus Camp?" - Of course, why hadn't I thought of it before. Well, a few weeks later Sherry Lewis, yes that "Sherry Lewis", of Sherry Lewis and Lamb Chop, passed away. Ron C. was very upset and wanted to honor her memory with the "Sherry Lewis and Lambchop Martini Bar and Shrine". So I was left holding the bag wondering if I should even go through with it, but Ron C. pushed me on. So I did. The big plan was to arrange the busses in a spiral, like a giant crop circle, OK, so that didn't really work out, people parked any way the pleased and we awoke each morning to one or two new arrivals wedged in this way and that way, but we had an amazing time that year, and every year since. It just keeps getting better and better. I'm always amazed at how many people (including myself) keep coming back, we must be doing something right. If you have ever camped with us, then you're part of our family. And everybody that pulls into our little camp gets a great big hug and a "Welcome Home"! - Ron
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