Q. When is Burning Man?
A. Burning Man always takes place the week before Labor Day, the Man burns on Saturday evening prior to Labor Day.
Q. Where is Burning Man?
A. Burning Man takes place in the Black Rock Desert, approximately 120 miles North of Reno Nevada, just outside a little town called Gerlach.
Q. What is Burning Man?
A. I have no idea how to content this header, it's just something you have to experience. Start by reading here www.burningman.com
Q. What is Bus Camp?
A. Bus Camp is a theme camp at Burning Man.
Q. Is Bus Camp only for air cooled buses?
A. Ultimately all buses are cooled by air, some more directly then others. Therefore we don't discriminate against VW bus owners who have move up the evolutionary latter to water cooling.
Q. What is a theme camp?
A. A theme camp is a group of people that reserve a section of space at Burning Man and camp together. Some theme camps operate bars, others conspire to build art, Bus Camp seeks to unite and support those people irrational enough to drive their Volkswagens to the desert. More on Theme Camps.
Q. So what do you guys do? Sit around and talk about Busses?
A. The funny thing about Bus Camp is that, generally speaking, the only thing we have in common is our vehicle of choice. This creates a wonderfully diverse group of people with different personalities and skills. We have had E.R. doctors, computer programmers, writers, aircraft designers, psychologists, film makers, architects and even an NASA rocket scientist camp with us. Bus Camp is really a community of people with different interests but one goal- To Participate. Our camp is always involved in a multitude of projects at Burning Man from serving as Black Rock Rangers, to building rave camps. We also have a cocktail hour and potluck dinner every day at sunset.
Q. What do I have to do to join Bus Camp?
A. Well, we don't have any kind of requirements, other than the fact that you bring your VW Bus, (or yes, even your water-cooled vanagon). There are no Membership dues, and we don't take reservations, space is available on a first come first served basis, but we have never had to turn anyone away. If you would like to join us read more here. If you want get more involved you should join our e-mail discussion list.
Q. How do I know if I will like Burning Man?
A. Do you enjoy having every orifice of your body filled with alkali dust? Is your idea of a good time camping in extremely hostile desert environment with 28,000 other people of headerable sanity? Do you like to play with fire? Well, then chances are you will like Burning Man.
Q. Is Bus Camp loud?
A. Define loud? Burning Man can be an incredibly noisy event, and not everyone wants to sleep when you do (many people don't sleep at all during the event). Even earplugs can't mask the din of the noise at times. That being said, we are a generator free camp, and we are not located on the esplanade or anywhere the near the "rave" camps, which makes our camp is more quiet that at other places on the playa.
Q. I'm going this year what should I do?
A. First read the survival guide, then read it again, then print it out and read it whenever you going to the bathroom. Then if you think you still really want to go, buy a ticket. I recommend you purchase your ticket in advance or use the will call at the gate (I have done this in the past with no problems). Beware of counterfeit tickets, if you buy a fake, you will have to purchase a real ticket again at the gate- my advice is to only buy your ticket from the Bmorg or someone you know personally. Go to the Bus Camp discussion list or eplaya, make some friends and start packing
Q. Do I really need to take a bike?
A. Yes, I think a bike is essential. The city has just gotten to big to navigate on foot. Leave the $1200 mtn bike with 26 gears and gas filled shocks at home. Buy a beater bike, a one speed beach cruiser with coaster brake is optimal for the playa. For safe night ridding , a flashing red LED in back and a white light in front work great. I have seen some nasty collisions at night between cyclists that didn't see each other. The lights also help you keep track of your group when cruising around, especially if they are unique. For more information see the Burning Man Bike Guide
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