First "The Buses"
BusZilla II, Burning man Mutant Vehicle (Art Car)
The most comprehensive Type 2 site on the net
For the pre 68's folks
Another great Bus site -
And of yes Vanagon's are buses too -
More Bus related information -
79 Inspiring Vanlife Nomads -
Surviving Burning Man
Burningman architecture and other cool stuff- interesting
Some shade structure information
Simple but funky little site focusing on stuff NOT covered it the survival guide, incl. links to various people's packing list- very good
Yummy Playa Snacks from the Civilized Explorers!
Bike Tips from the Civilized Explorers!
Simple straight ahead survival tips, detailed, informative,mmmm...good
Funny, subversive Burning Man Survival guide, not the most complete, but visually stimulating
Is Burning Man really a take-off of an obscure British 70's cult film? You decide!
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